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GME AE221W Empty GME AE221W

Message par Dundee33 Sam 20 Aoû 2016 - 16:46

GME AE221W Ae221w10

Rugged, high performance Antennas to suit Australia's harsh conditions
Based on the popular AE220, this White 27 MHz AM antenna is ground independent and the lightweight assembly allows mounting to most surfaces with the relevant mounting bracket. Particularly suitable for heavy vehicle applications where colour matching to vehicle is preferred.
Plus de détails ici:
Frequency Band: 27 MHz
Construction Type: White fi breglass base loaded helical whip, pre-tuned for 27 MHz
Height/Length mm: 1100 MM
Cable and Connector: 4.5 m of low loss coaxial cable. Thread M12x1.75

Source Australie:

#GME #AE221W

Localisation : Gironde (France)
Age : 57

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