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GR45 (USA)

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GR45 (USA) Empty GR45 (USA)

Message par Dundee33 Sam 28 Mai 2016, 18:25

The GR45 is the ultimate mobile antenna!

GR45 (USA) Gr45gi10

“Features a specially designed top section, which extends signal range by directing it to the horizon, instead of wasting it at high angles, like conventional mobile antennas”

   One to two S-Unit increase in signal strength over base and top loaded antennas.
   Broadband match with SWR less than 1.5:1 across all US & UK channels and well into the 10 meter amateur band.
   Almost 3x power multiplication (4.75 dBi).
   12 KW power handling capability.
   Responds to horizontally polarized signals unlike any conventional vertical whip, thus extending the useful range of a mobile enormously!
   The GR45 features extremely rugged construction, utilizing aircraft grade alloy aluminum with gold-anodized finish for performance and durability.
   Static pickup reduced tremendously!

GR45 (USA) Gr45410 (Longueur: 1,42m)

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Localisation : Gironde (France)
Age : 57

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