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Galaxy DX 55F (Mobile)

Tag 55f sur La Planète Cibi Francophone Dx_55f10
(Non homologué en France)

1) No FM mode - AM and PA only.
2) No Clarifier. As an AM only radio, a Clarifier is not really necessary.
Plus de détails ici:
3) No switch to turn the Frequency Display off. Of course, the Dimmer control can reduce the brightness to very dim.
4) On the plus side, it has a built-in five digit frequency counter using large blue LEDs in the mid size DX929/DX979 chassis with a front mic jack.
5) Also, they have added our automatic SWR circuit,
an SWR alert LED, a RX/TX LED and a blue LED incorporated into the SWR alert LED that lights blue when the +10KHz circuit is on.

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