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MFJ - MFJ MFJ-9420X Empty MFJ MFJ-9420X

Message par Dundee33 Ven 17 Juil 2020, 16:49

MFJ - MFJ MFJ-9420X Mfj_mf10

Transceiver, SSB 20-Metre With Microphone
Turn on your new MFJ SSB Transceiver and you'll marvel at how well it performs. Weak stations roll in with surprising clarity, faithfully reproduced by MFJ transceiver's signal conversion receiver.
On transmit, MFJ's exclusive ConstantCurrent speech processor cuts through noise and QRM like a far more powerful radio.
Take world class DX performance along on your next vacation or business trip -- the MFJ transceiver, microphone, power supply, and antenna can easily fit into your brief case or carry-on bag.
At home, in the car, or on the road, youll be amazed at what MFJs SSB radios can do!
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#MFJ #MFJ-9420X

Localisation : Gironde (France)
Age : 58

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