Connex CX-4400 Turbo (Mobile)

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Connex CX-4400 Turbo (Mobile)

Message par Dundee33 le Dim 30 Avr - 19:45

10 Meter Mobile Amateur Radio
100+ Watts
Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output
Front Panel 4 Pin Mic Jack
Blue Channel LED's
Plus de détails ici:
Rear Frequency Counter Jack
Vol, Sql, Mic Gain, RF Gain
Dual Echo and Talk Back with On/Off Switch
Band Selector (8 Bands)
Variable Power Control
ANL-NB or OFF Switch
Blue Lighting for Meter
RX/TX Indicator LED
Model: CX-4400TURBO
Frequency Range: 28.015 to 28.585 MHz
Emission: AM/FM
Frequency Control: Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) Synthesizer
Frequency Stability: 0.001%
Temperature Range: 0C to +50C
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms
Antenna Connectors: Standard SO-239 type
Input Voltage: 13.8V DC
Size: 2-3/8" (H) x 7-7/8" (W) x 10-3/4" (D)
Weight: 5 lb.
Meter: Illuminated; indicates relative output power, received signal strength
RF Power Output: AM: 50W; FM: 100W
Spurious Emission: -50 dB
Audio Distortion: 10%
Frequency Response: 300 to 2500 Hz
Microphone: Plug-in dynamic; with push-to-talk switch and coiled cord
Sensitivity for 10 dB (S+N)/N: AM: 0.5 uV
Sensitivity for 12 dB (S+N)/N: FM: 0.25 uV
Squelch Sensitivity: 0.5 uV
Selectivity: > -50 dB
Image Rejection: more than -50 dB
Hum & Noise: 40 dB
Audio Power Output: 2.5W @ 10% THD
10 Meter Connex CX-4400TURBO Radio
4 Pin Stock Microphone
DC Power Cord
Mounting Bracket with Hardware
Microphone Hanger with Hardware
User's Manual
UPC 0705105786094
Color: Black

Source USA:

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73'51 de Dundee33 ~ 14DR33  (Poste: CRT ss 7900)

Localisation : Gironde / Sud-Ouest France
Age : 53

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