Cox Yapper (Bike (Portable)

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Cox Yapper (Bike (Portable)

Message par Dundee33 le Sam 5 Nov - 8:09

Band: 27 Mhz
Channels: 1 Transmit ( channel 14 / 27.125Mhz ) and all channels ( broadband ) reciever. & Channels: 23
Modes: AM
PLL: crystal
Année: 70's
Plus d'infos ici:
Description: The Yapper was a bicycle mount radio. The blurb from the importer was " Now everybody can get into CB Radio." Well you could hear CB operators on all channels, but talking to them was a different matter. A very low powered unit. Still people did know about them and have the odd joke about their radio being as good as a Yapper CB. The front panel had up to six controls as well as a signal meter. The microphone attached to the front panel via a curly cord. Now on close inspection, only the ON/OFF Volume control and microphone worked, the rest of the front panel was fixed moulded plastic with the signal meter being a sticker.  It could have been a big mail order dissapointment if you didn't do your homework.

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73'51 de Dundee33 ~ 14DR33  (Poste: CRT ss 7900)

Localisation : Gironde / Sud-Ouest France
Age : 52

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